Magic Worlds™ 2 First Day: The Little Red Hen (Spanish & English) Preschool-K Curriculum


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Not sure whether our curricula is right for you? Try a sample: our Magic Worlds™ 2 First Day: The Little Red Hen (Spanish & English) Preschool-K Curriculum.

Upgrade Information: Try the First Day to see if our curriculum is right for you. You will receive a coupon for $50 off the price of The Little Red Hen full curriculum set.

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The first day of Spanish or English class can set the tone for your whole session, so it’s very important to start out on a good footing. I’ve taken my years of research and teaching experience and put them into our bilingual Magic Worlds™ 2 First Day: The Little Red Hen (Spanish & English) Preschool-K Curriculum, so you can hit the ground running.

It literally contains the entire lesson plans for first day of The Little Red Hen Curriculum, all 35 pages of it (the entire unit has 197 pages). And more…

The First Day also tells you exactly how to use my products. And it includes valuable tips to ensure your success as a teacher or language entrepreneur. It’s like getting a personal coaching session from Ana Lomba!

You’ll start right from day one doing fun and engaging activities with your students.

This product is intended for immersion environments and targets fluency – so that children actually learn how to speak the language… and remember it!

What Does Magic Worlds™ 2 First Day: The Little Red Hen (Spanish & English) Preschool-K Curriculum Contain?

Here are the sections you will get. Lesson One Activities cover 20 pages.

  • About the Curriculum
  • What You Can and Can’t Do with This License
  • How to Use the Songs
  • How to Make the Most of the Lesson Plans in Your Particular Situation
  • About Pretend Play
  • Supplemental Products
  • Dual Language Strategies
  • Technology Brings Us Closer
  • Lesson One Activities (each activity comes with a bilingual script):We recommend using Hop, Skip, and Sing Spanish and Play and Learn Spanish in combination with this unit.
    1. Circle / Circulo: “Good Morning” / “Buenos dias” (Song suggestion)
    2. Intermission / Intermedio (Time for a short movement exercise.)
    3. Story / Cuento: “Good Morning to All the Animals” /  “Buenos días a todos los animales”
    4. What’s Out There? / ¿Qué hay ahí afuera?: “The Tractor” / “El tractor”
    5. Storytelling / Cuentacuentos: “Good Morning, Chicks!” / “¡Buenos días, pollitos!”
    6. Intermission / Intermedio (In this particular intermission, we are going to start working on numbers.)
    7. We Are Actors / Actuamos: “I Am Sleepy!” / “¡Tengo sueño!”
    8. We Play / Jugamos: “The Farm” / “La granja”
    9. Intermission / Intermedio (Use this intermission to clean up the room, but do so in a way that is conducive to learning.)
    10. Goodbye / Adiós: “Goodbye, Friends” / “Adiós, amigos” (Song suggestion)

Note: Magic Worlds™ 2 First Day: The Little Red Hen (Spanish & English) Preschool-K Curriculum does NOT include the ToonFlips© and the other materials included in The Little Red Hen curriculum Set.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

30-day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not entirely satisfied with this product, we’ll send you every penny of your money back right away!

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3-5 (Preschool-K)


Learn English, Learn Spanish, Teach English, Teach Spanish

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Lesson Plans & Instruction


The Little Red Hen

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First Day Activities

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Dual Language/Bilingual Program, Homeschool Group, Language Camp/Afterschool Program, Language Playgroup, Mpressaria


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