Hop, Skip, and Sing Spanish (Audio CD)

Based on Ana Lomba’s proven “Easy Immersion” methodology, this audio package offers 25 songs and games that use repetition and active participation to make language learning a snap while encouraging children to sing, play, and act silly for maximum fun.

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Songs + fun and games = little language learners!

What better way to capture children’s attention and open their minds to a new language than with catchy tunes, giggle-inducing games, and beloved fairy tales? Award-winning author Ana Lomba presents Hop, Skip, and Sing Spanish for Kids, an interactive program that will help you teach Spanish to children ages two though seven.

Here are some tips for using the Hop, Skip, and Sing Spanish audio CD:

  • While older children may be able to use the CD on their own, the ideal use is that the parent or the teacher takes the lead and sings the songs with the children. This is the OPTIMAL way for young children to learn a language – that is, interactively with an adult.
  • Indeed, research shows that children under the age of 2 DO NOT learn ANY language from CDs, TV programs, etc. They only learn language from interacting with people. This is why it’s even more important that you take the lead, learn the songs and games and just sing and play with your infant or toddler.
  • Preschoolers and older children can learn some language from CDs, but the few things they may learn pale in comparison with what they can learn in interaction with adults. So even in this case, I encourage you to learn the songs and games and sing and play in Spanish with your kids.
  • The tracks on the CD are meant to serve as a model for you. That is why I didn’t include any fancy musical arrangements. In fact, the less noise the better as far as language learning is concerned – which is the goal here. I love great music too, but the purpose here is different. That is why I kept it slow, plain, and simple – all on purpose. Your plain, simple voice is the BEST language-learning instrument in the world for your child!
  • So in sum, the ideal way to use this CD is for you to learn the songs and games and use them directly with your children. You can play the CD as well if you want, but the more you use the songs and games using your own voice, the better the results.
  • But don’t take my word for it, go ahead and test it with your children or your students! That’s how you’ll become a pro at teaching languages (i.e. by trying different things and observing the results).
  • In fact, the comments to this and my other products are a great case-study for what works and doesn’t work in early language education. You can see clear patterns: people report high levels of success when they go ahead and decide to ‘live’ the language. People report low levels of success (or no success) when they take the old-fashioned route and just insert the CD or give the books to the kids without enough support. There’s tons of tips on how to maximize the experience in those comments!

Also note that:

  • This product is an audio CD, NOT a book (I am sorry that it is not listed properly in the Amazon store). It comes with an insert (a flier) with explanations and lyrics to facilitate its use.
  • Be aware that the Amazon is adding audio to the Kindle versions.

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1-3 (Toddlers), 3-5 (Preschool-K), 5-7 (K-Early Elementary), 7-10 (Late Elementary)


English, Spanish

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