Magic Worlds™ 2 ToonFlips©: The Little Red Hen Printables (2 Sizes)


Magic Worlds™ 2 ToonFlips©: The Little Red Hen Printables are great visual story aids you can use to engage your students.

Young children, especially, need some props to help draw them into a story.

Use our ToonFlips© as a prompt for each character in The Little Red Hen products or however you like.

Format: 28MB download file, which contains pdf documents and jpg images files


Magic Worlds™ 2 ToonFlips©: The Little Red Hen Printables are illustrations meant to be used as quick acting cues. You can use them to indicate who is talking, the location where the action is taking place, or other important elements.

For example, if you or your students need to talk like the Red Hen, all you need to do is raise the ToonFlip© of the Red Hen and start talking like her. You don’t need to keep the ToonFlip© raised all the time, just long enough to understand the cue.

Our Little Red Hen ToonFlip© set contains 11 color illustrations (1 for each character in The Little Red Hen story). Each character comes in its own .jpg file that you print out and assemble. Instructions for assembly are included.

Each set includes two different sizes:

  • 10-inch x 10-inch sized characters for the teacher and
  • 3-inch x 3-inch sized characters for the students.

Note: our ToonFlips© are included when you purchase The Little Red Hen Curriculum Set.

Great for use at home or in school.

How to Assemble ToonFlips©: The Little Red Hen Printables

Watch the short video How to Assemble ToonFlips© to see how easy it is.

Just print and glue them to sticks, or use them any way you choose! For longer lasting use, we suggest you laminate them.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

30-day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not entirely satisfied with this product, we’ll send you every penny of your money back right away!

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The students love it. The kids are excited when they see me come into their classroom, and they’re so eager to participate. They remember and they can say things week to week, and they can sing the songs I’ve taught them loud and clear and with good pronunciation. The 3-year olds tend to be kind of quiet, yet they want to come up and act out a part. They love holding the ToonFlips and I think that is helpful to have the puppet to pretend to be.”
— Karla, preschool Spanish teacher

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1-3 (Toddlers), 3-5 (Preschool-K), 5-7 (K-Early Elementary), 7-10 (Late Elementary), 10-Adult


Chinese, English, French, Spanish

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ToonFlips© & Posters


The Little Red Hen


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