Play and Learn Spanish with Audio CD, 2nd Edition

Play and Learn Spanish is part of a unique program specially designed for parents who want to immerse their children (and themselves) in fluent, everyday Spanish.

Instead of drills and boring grammar exercises, you get loads of activities, fun games, and songs that let you seamlessly integrate the Spanish language into your everyday life.

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Play and Learn Spanish teaches fluent Spanish in a fun, natural way. The way native Spanish parents talk and play with their children. It’s not about memorizing colors, numbers and animals.

At the core of Play and Learn Spanish are 50+ everyday conversations between Spanish moms and dads and their young kids. These conversations will help you fine-tune your ear to fluent, everyday Spanish that you can use as you go on with your daily routines with your child.

The book also has many songs and games, including two new board games at the end of the book.

The 90+ tracks are recorded on the CD that comes attached to the book. Please note that due to space limitation with so much additional content, the songs are including in an mp3 folder within the CD (if you don’t know how to download them, you can contact me directly). I personally like downloading the tracks into my iTunes account. That way I can use it on my computer or my iPad, etc. You could do that too.

You may not know it, but your plain, simple voice is the BEST language-learning instrument in the world for your child. Therefore, the ideal way to use this book and CD is for you to learn the conversations, songs and games, and use them directly with your children. You can play the CD as well if you want, but the more you interact with your children with your own voice, the better the results.

Here are a few other notes:

  • While older children may be able to use the book and CD on their own, the ideal use is that you – the parent or teacher – take the lead and talk, read, play, and sing the songs with your children. This is the OPTIMAL way for young children to learn a language – that is, interactively with an adult.
  • Indeed, research shows that children under the age of 2 DO NOT learn ANY language from CDs, TV programs, etc. They only learn language from interacting with real people. This is why it’s even more important that you take the lead, learn the conversations, songs and games, and do the talking, reading, playing, and singing with your infant or toddler in Spanish.
  • Preschoolers and older children can learn some language from CD, TV, and other recorded kid Spanish programs, but the few things they may learn pale in comparison with what they can learn in interaction with adults. So even in this case, I encourage you to learn the content and talk, sing and play in Spanish with your kids.
  • The tracks on the CD are meant to serve as a model for you. That is why I didn’t include any fancy sound arrangements. In fact, the less noise the better as far as language learning is concerned – which is the goal here.
  • As some of you note in your comments, the kids on the CD are adults pretending. This was just a budget decision – between having a male’s voice (for the dad) or a child’s voice, we decided to go with a male’s voice. Again, the idea is to provide a great language model for you, the parent.

The fun, easy, and natural way to get kids started in learning Spanish

Young children have an amazing capacity for picking up new languages, and every parent is a natural-born language teacher. Now Play and Learn Spanish introduces a unique approach to getting kids started in Spanish that is as fun as it is easy.

Instead of drills and boring grammar exercises, you get loads of fun games, activities, and songs that let you seamlessly integrate the Spanish language into your everyday life. From taking a bath to going shopping, making lunch to driving in the car, Play and Learn Spanish turns daily routines into fun learning adventures for you and your child to enjoy together. No need to set aside extra time in your busy schedule–with this program, you learn as you live. And you’ll be amazed at how quickly you see results.

Play and Learn Spanish is packed with lively color illustrations and features:

  • Songs, games, and activities that make language learning natural and fun
  • Key-word illustrations to help with the retention of important words and phrases
  • Whimsical comic strips that put Spanish in a real-world context
  • Sidebars with fun cultural information about everyday life in Spanish-speaking countries
  • English translations for all activities
  • A sixty-minute audio CD containing all of the book’s songs, games, and expressions

With Play and Learn Spanish, it won’t be long before you hear your child say he or she wants to give you un beso muy grande de buenas noches (a big good-night kiss).

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1-3 (Toddlers), 3-5 (Preschool-K), 5-7 (K-Early Elementary), 7-10 (Late Elementary), 10-Adult



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