Ana Lomba Storybook App: Cinderella (Spanish & Chinese)

With our bilingual Ana Lomba Storybook App: Cinderella (Spanish & Chinese), you and/or your child can listen to the story in either Spanish or Chinese while reading along. Or mute it and read aloud.

For all ages.

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Storybook App: Cinderella (Spanish & Chinese) CoverOne of the fastest ways to build fluency in Spanish (or Chinese) is to read aloud in that language. And there’s nothing like a fun story like our bilingual Ana Lomba Storybook App: Cinderella (Spanish & Chinese) to engage your child’s imagination in language learning.

Once captivated, your child will easily recall even the most complex structures and be able to use them in conversation if he or she listens to the story a few times.

This is the power of learning a language in context, rather than flashcards.

Take a Video Tour of One of Our Apps

Take a short video tour of our Ana Lomba Storybook App: The Little Red Hen (Spanish & English), as an example.

We are so sure you and your children will love our apps!

Give it a try, and you’ll see what we mean!

Key Features of Ana Lomba Storybook App: Cinderella (Spanish & Chinese):

  • Storybook App: Cinderella (Spanish & Chinese) SceneStory based on the classic tale: Cinderella.
  • Voice-over by native actresses for captivating effect and to help you model animated speech.
  • Easy toggle functionality between Spanish and Chinese so you can quickly check the meaning if you get lost—you could also alternate reading in the two languages if you so please.
  • “Pause” button so you can stop and replay shorter chunks of the text.
  • Scene divisions, so that you can concentrate on one section at a time, which allows for easier reenactment.
  • Vibrant comic-style illustrations, providing strong non-verbal cues to reinforce comprehension and make the experience very enjoyable.
  • Tons of everyday language and dialogue at a kid’s level for easy transfer to daily parent-child interaction.

So after downloading, what should you focus on?

  • Personal interaction. Your kids will learn more Spanish (or Chinese) by talking and playing with you. [Note: older children and adults can use the stories independently, but I still recommend to have a learning buddy]
  • Animate your storytelling sessions. Make pretend voices, act out some parts, wear wigs and other props… make the sessions as animated and lively as possible!
  • Use your Spanish (or Chinese)! Make the point of using the Spanish that sticks with you (more each time) in your daily conversations with your child. Also, do NOT worry about speaking with perfect grammar and pronunciation. Actual usage is more important at this point.

For even greater results with your Storybook App: Cinderella (Spanish & Chinese):

  • Play the Ana Lomba Storybook App: Cinderella (Spanish & Chinese) frequently. This is both to train your ear to the flow of real Spanish (or Chinese) in action and also to register Spanish (or Chinese) grammar, intonation, cultural flair, etc., in your brain (a lot of this process will take place unconsciously!).
  • Set personal learning goals. For example, “This week we will learn at least five new expressions.” Challenge yourself as you become more strategic in your learning. It’s a good idea to keep a language-learning journal and look back at all the progress that you have made—don’t forget to pat yourself on the back.

For All Ages

Very young children:

EVEN IF your children are still too young to read on their own, they are not too young for YOU to read to them and for them to join in and pretend that they are reading.

When should I start reading aloud to my children in Spanish?

Frankly, from the womb. The earlier, the better.

Reading aloud to your children is one of the best things you can do in early childhood, AND the benefits apply to reading in more than one language as well.

So that’s one fun and easy fluency-building activity that you can do right away: reading aloud with/to your children or students.

Even adults:

This app is great for older children and adults who want to learn Spanish or Chinese.

For Teachers

Use our apps standalone, or for better reinforcement, use them together with our curriculum.

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Q: Why doesn’t my iPad app have any sound?

Some people have reported sound issues. The problem is with your iPad settings.  By Apple’s design, while game apps don’t have sound when your iPad is muted, movies, TV shows, music, and other similar items will have sound.

For iPad models with a side switch (just above your volume controls), make sure your side switch is not locked.  Check out Apple’s Side Switch article.

For models without a side switch (like iPad Air 2), you will need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the Control Center.  If your iPad is muted, you will see a diagonal line through the bell icon.  Tap the bell icon to unmute your device. Check out Apple’s information on Mute.

If you are still having problems, you can take your iPad to the Apple store for help.


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