Look Inside One of My Bilingual Lesson Plans

See How Easy and Fun It Can Be to Teach a Foreign Language to Young Children… And How to Get Your Immersion Program Started Today!

…Introducing My All-New Curriculum Set, The Little Red Hen, with 12 Expandable Bilingual Lesson Plans available in Spanish & English or French & English

I’m so excited to show you my newest set of bilingual lesson plans for language entrepreneurs! The 12 lessons in The Little Red Hen curriculum set have been completely rewritten from the ground up to target fluency – so that children actually learn how to speak the language… and remember it!

But that’s not all! If you are just starting your own Spanish or French program, chances are you are also looking for inspiration and advice that goes further than a set of games and activities.

For example, you will need to think about the instruction. For teachers it’s all about technique. Knowing what to do can be night and day, especially if you are a newbie. Being a native or fluent speaker of the language is never enough without technique. (Believe me, I know — even being from Madrid and having advanced language degrees from Princeton University, I had to learn that the hard way.) That’s something to consider whether you are the one teaching or you hire others to do the teaching.

For entrepreneurs, it’s all about vision. It’s rare to have 20/20 vision as a newbie. Vision takes time and experience. An initial sense of direction goes a long way in propelling your dream of having a language program.

The Little Red Hen bilingual lesson plans (ages 3 to 5) provide a technique baseline for your teachers and a vision springboard for your business. This unit is one of sixteen curriculum sets from the Mpressarias Curricula for children 1 to 10. See our list of curriculum sets.

Get a Video Tour Inside The Little Red Hen Curriculum Set

You’ll start right from day one doing fun and engaging activities with your students.

In this video I walk you through some of the lessons so you can see how they are structured. Each lesson builds upon previous lessons, so that the concepts are explored and reinforced from different angles, and your students begin to gain language naturally.

What’s Included in The Little Red Hen Curriculum Set

When you purchase this set, you’ll get everything you see here (except the sticks) to download instantly — no waiting for the mail!

Mpressarias Curriculum: The Little Red Hen (Spanish & English)

  • A complete thematic bilingual lesson plan unit based on the children’s tale of The Little Red Hen, over 190 pages of lessons!
  • 11 color ToonFlip© illustrations (2 sizes) with instructions for assembly. These are visual story aids you can use as a prompt for each character. Just print and glue them to sticks (purchased separately), or use them any way you choose! They come in two different sizes, for the teacher and the students.
  • Complete text of the story of The Little Red Hen in both English & Spanish or English & French.
  • 48 color story illustrations
  • 1 color poster illustration in 2 different sizes (24″x18″ and 36″x24″), which you may print out for activities or use to decorate your classroom area.

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