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Spanish for Preschoolers E-Guide
Teaching? Check out our Spanish for Preschoolers E-Guide

Spanish for preschoolers should involve fun ways of learning to capture the children’s powerful imaginations. They love stories, plays, songs…

And the best way to teach should always match the way children learn.

Teaching Spanish to toddlers require a little different approach.  We also have Spanish products for kids up to 10.

Make Spanish for Preschoolers Fun!

Spanish for Preschoolers MaterialsPreschoolers are the perfect age to learn Spanish. They find it easy to learn.

It’s what young kids do naturally. Their brains are wired to do it.

And, with the right kind of help, they LOVE it too!

Through Ana Lomba’s many years of teaching experience and scientifically based research of how young children learn best, she’s developed many products for the home and classroom.

Teaching Spanish to preschoolers in a natural, fun, best way involves experiences that are theatrical, highly active, and sensory.

Using the context of everyday activities, play, songs, and storytelling are powerful strategies for teaching Spanish fluency.

Most of our products are designed to work together, but also they can standalone, too.

You’ll love teaching with our Spanish for preschoolers products:

  • games and songs that target the specific needs of your preschool children, as they learn Spanish
  • books that target everyday activities, so parents and teachers can use practical Spanish in context
  • storybooks that are based on classic stories, like Little Red Riding Hood
  • lesson plans that are based on our classic stories
  • printables (like posters and props)
  • teaching guide

Consider incorporating Spanish by: